Patron for a Pathogen

Devotional breeze for a tree’s decease
Flypaper on devotional fans ( ventaglio devozionale ) placed in olive groves at Capo de Lupo, Salento (IT).
The fans ventaglio devozionale are original with images of patrons for regions in Salento. They are used to cool down visitors at their annual religious festivals.
The landscape of the region Salento is under change, due to the bacteria
XYLELLA FASTIDIOSA. The bacteria attacks the groves of olivetrees and is spread through the flying insect, the spittlebug. The population of the spittlebug are increasing with the increase of temperature in the climate.


The fans was made during the residency LandXcapes by BJCEM with help from local artist Antonio Chiarello.


Workshop with Antonio Chiarello


Original ventaglio devozionale